Immanuel: Top 40
Anyone of a certain age listened to American Top 40, the weekly countdown of the biggest hits across the land, hosted by Casey Kasem. It was an honor for any song to be included in the top 100.

Immanuel has a place in another kind of top forty list, one in which it is an honor to be included. There are nearly 10,000 congregations in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). Immanuel is in the top 40 congregations in total dollars given to benevolence from general fund giving, and in percentage of benevolence giving related to general budget.

In 2017 Immanuel members were faithful and generous in giving $1,246,000 in offering to the general fund. Of this total, Immanuel gave away over $230,000 to support the ELCA and local partner ministries like Lutheran Social Service, PROP, Redeemer Center for Life, and many more. This does not include the $100,000 given to the new local young adult housing project, Onward Eden Prairie (formerly Haven House), through our Opening Doors Capital Campaign. Immanuel is a leader in benevolence giving, and we serve as an inspiration to other congregations to grow their benevolence.

Thank you for your faithful and generous giving that makes this possible. In 2018 Immanuel is committed to growing our benevolence giving to over 19% of budget, up from 18% the past two years. God has blessed our church and community, let’s continue to pass on these blessings through our continued faithful and generous giving!

Benevolence Summary - 2017

2017 Benevolence 
ELCA: $139,360

Families Moving Forward: $477
Family Service Event: $715
Habitat for Humanity: $5,500
Loaves & Fishes: $3,292
PROP: $1,700
Redeemer Center for Life: $10,500
Redeemer Center for Life Summer Meals & Christmas Store: $974
Redeemer Lutheran Church: $9,500
Simpson House: $613 (5 meals/$225 meal)

Cornerstone (Shelter): $10,500
Cornerstone Taco Tuesdays: $3,289
Lutheran Campus Ministry: $1,200
Rezek House (LSS): $10,000
Lutheran Social Services: $3,300

AMEXTRA: $8,500
ELCA World Hunger: $2,000
Feed My Starving Children: $1,400
Immanuel Project (AMEXTRA): $1,157
Lutheran World Relief: $5,300
Missionary Sponsorship: $4,100
Piecemakers: $800

Total: $224,182

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