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1000 jars of Peanut Butter!

Immanuel has committed to providing 1000 16 oz. jars of Peanut Butter to PROP as part of the 2018 Summer Food Program which offers additional food items to families with school aged children who eat lunch at home during the summer.  Jars of Peanut Butter may be left in the red shopping cart in the atrium.

Children’s Books needed.

Have your children advanced to the next stage of reading?  Ready to part with some of your good condition, no longer needed children’s books?  We are almost out of books for the PROP bookshelf and are seeking your donations!  Books for kids of any age (including board books and chapter books) are welcome.  Please drop them in the box outside of Kim’s office.

What does PROP do?

Our neighbors in Eden Prairie and Chanhassen are experiencing hardship. PROP relies on this campaign to help stock their shelves. 

PROP supports those who are struggling by providing emergency grocery and financial assistance, as well as resources and support to regain self-sufficiency.

An unfortunate event can bring hardship to any of us: a job loss, a medical crisis, a bad economy, personal or family issues. People sometimes find themselves unable to meet some basic needs, such as food and housing.

You can volunteer in the following ways:

For more information:

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