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Hops & Hope

March/April 2024

The Planet You Inherit: Letters to My Grandchildren When Uncertainty’s a Sure Thing by Larry L. Rasmussen

Monday, March 25th, 6:00pm at Wooden Hill Brewing

We will split the book in two again and for March will be focusing on the essays “Epoch Times” through “Different All the Same.” We will finish up the book in April. I have also ordered an extra copy for the Immanuel Library that should arrive early next week if anyone wants to check it out.

Book description:

Our children's and grandchildren's generation will face a different world, one affected by climate instability, mass uncertainty, and breathtaking extinction. In fact, the next generation will face the reality that human activity is changing the planet from one geological epoch to another.  From this vantage point—two generations across two geological epochs facing a fundamentally changing planet—Larry Rasmussen writes to his grandchildren. As a grandfather invested in a green earth and climate justice as well as a scholar of faith-based earth ethics, Rasmussen bridges this gap between generations to write to the future about climate change, global citizenship, democracy, and legacy. In topics ranging from "A Viable Way of Life" and "Democracy" to "Where We've Come From" and "Who We Are Now," Rasmussen explores the large questions of justice, meaning, and faith, encouraging us to speak to and look to the future generation and their future world.


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Ordering Books

Savannah will be ordering a copy of each for the Immanuel library if you’d like to borrow it, or if you prefer to buy a copy of your own, here are a couple links that help you support local bookstores through your purchase. If you’re looking to support a Native owned bookstore, Birchbark Books in Minneapolis is a great option!


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