Immanuel Library

Many of us have a library card and probably had had since we were a kid. Well, do we have a deal for you!

Our Immanuel library is here for your use without the need for a card or any money. All you have to do is stop in, peruse the shelves, choose your book/s, sign out the book on the card inside the book’s cover, leave the card in the designated card holder and be on your way. Just return the book when you are finished with it – no fines incurred.

There are Bible reference books; daily devotional books; books on prayer, Bible study, and coping with illness and loss. Have a friend who needs a healing word or a friend who could use some help in relationships? The library has just what you need.

In addition to all that, our library has a copy of all the Immanuel book club fiction books. You didn’t know we had a Book Club here? It’s great, and we would welcome anyone interest in joining us – third Friday evening at 7 p.m. Where else but in the library?


Donated Books to Immanuel Library

Immanuel is a generous congregation in so many ways.  One of those ways is donating books to our church library.  However, we have a small library and our shelves are becoming over crowded.  We would ask that if you want to give us some of your books that you contact Diane Chapa with that request.  The library group can then decide if we will be able to take your donated books.  We respectfully ask that you not leave books unless you have contacted Diane.  She can be reached at or 612-387-9266.

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