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What is a Home Altar?

Home AltarYour Home Altar is a special place in your home that serves as a daily reminder of God's presence and as a central place, and centering place, for faith nurture in your home. Your Home Altar can be set up on a side table, coffee table, mantle, or anywhere it is convenient and significant for your home. It should be in a central location so that it serves as a daily reminder for household members to pray, read the Bible, and faithfully share Jesus' love. Choose a significant, uncluttered place for your Home Altar. You could set up a small cross, lay out a Bible and place a candle on your Home Altar. You could place items on your Home Altar that are significant to you, or your family's, faith journey. This could include: - Baptismal candles or other baptismal mementos - A simple altar cloth - A copy of Luther's Small Catechism - Devotional Books - A Children's Bible (age appropriate) - A book of prayers - A hymnal - First Communion mementos - Plants to signify growth and life in Christ - A small fountain, or bowl of water, to remind you of your baptism - Other items that help nurture your faith Children may also develop their own "Room Altar" as they collect and display various mementos from their faith development. Use your Home Altar as a special place to pray, have devotions and gather for family rituals and blessings! For more practical resources go to VIBRANTFAITH@HOME. This interactive resource is designed to give you unlimited access to easy-to-use tools, tips, family activities, blogs, forums, and advice--everything you need to build a stronger, more faith-focused family.

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