Support of Affordable Housing Project

Letter of Support for Affordable Housing Project in Eden Prairie

One of Immanuel’s values is “Active Service in the Community” which involves God-inspired action; collaborative, responsive engagement; and fearless love. As we live out this value, Immanuel’s leadership has sent a letter of support for the development of 58 affordable housing units that CommonBond Communities is planning for the current Resurrection Life Church property on Eden Prairie Road. Because this proposed development is very close to Immanuel it offers us the potential opportunity to engage with and serve our neighbors. The letter of support for state financing of this affordable housing project was sent to the State of Minnesota on June 13. The Eden Prairie City Council has approved Tif (Tax Increment Financing) funding for this project and CommonBond is also seeking funding from the State. Read Immanuel’s letter of support Read the Trail Point Ridge Affordable Housing Fact Sheet

Affordable Housing for the Rent Overburdened

The Twin Cities Metro area, and specifically Eden Prairie, has great need for affordable housing. Households who pay more than thirty percent of their gross income are considered to be “Rent Overburdened”. In Eden Prairie, a household making less than $3,940 a month ($47,280/year) would be considered overburdened when renting an apartment at or above the median rent. 37.3% of households who rent are overburdened in Eden Prairie. Many of our Eden Prairie employees of essential service (including some fire fighters, some teachers and minimum wage earners in our retail and restaurant industry) are rent overburdened and cannot afford to live in the community. There is a great disconnect between the housing that is available and the people we need in our community to make it function and thrive.

CommonBond to Develop & Manage this Project

CommonBond has been working in the Twin Cities since 1971 with the specific goal of developing and maintaining affordable housing. CommonBond not only provides housing, they also provide services on site at each of their developments. Having a person on site to help families and connect them to support services helps them maintain stability in housing and, therefore, in the rest of their lives. Services include employment help, after school tutoring for kids, connection to other services providers like food shelves and energy assistance programs, etc. PROP has expressed their support for the proposed development and is excited about the collaboration as another way to serve EP families.

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