Listening to discern the needs of our community

Listening to discern the needs of our community

The purpose/goal of listening to community leaders on Wednesday, May 27, was to better identify the challenges our community faces so that we can effectively match the gifts and passions of our congregation with the needs of the larger community. The panel members were:
1) Panel members begin by introducing themselves and then they share what changes they have seen in the community in the past 5 years and the changes they anticipate seeing in the next 5 years. PODCAST
2) Signs of hope in the community. PODCAST
3) Difficult issues the panel members see in their area of work/responsibility. PODCAST
4) How faith communities can be involved in community issues. PODCAST
5) Closing questions and comments.

Leadership Summit

June 9, 5:30 - 9:30 p.m. Please join us! There will be a presentation of all the information and data gathered from the Congregational Assessment Tool, the Congregational Systems Inventory (taken by Council and staff), and the listening sessions. We will begin with a meal so your RSVP is needed by noon on Sunday, June 7. Please submit this form to let us know that you plan on coming.

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