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Masks required indoors

COVID Protocol Update

Masks Required Indoors

Immanuel’s Reopening Task Force continues to meet on a regular basis to chart our best course thoughtfully and carefully through the Covid pandemic. At our latest meeting we looked at the latest data on transmission and positivity rates, as well CDC and Minnesota Department of Health recommendations, for our area. This latest spike of the virus has not relented yet and is placing severe strain on hospitals. There is also concern that transmission rates could rise with kids being back at school, many of whom are too young to have received the vaccine.

Until both transmission and positivity rates return to safer levels, we are again requiring masks to be worn by everyone while inside the church building.

The Immanuel Staff will be leading this push in keeping others safe and healthy, the exception being when worship and Confirmation leaders are distanced from others while leading. The Reopening Task Force will be weekly monitoring transmission and positivity rates and will adjust our Covid protocol as conditions change. We have appreciated the understanding and patience of all during this time of pandemic as we continually adjust our practices to the changing conditions of the virus. Thank you again for helping Immanuel keep everyone safe and healthy, and hopefully shortening the duration of this pandemic. 

I would also ask that you keep our Reopening Task Force in your prayers. It has been a challenge to sort through an abundance of data, differing recommendations, and rapidly changing conditions, all with the goal of making the most healthy and helpful recommendations for Immanuel’s Covid policies. I am grateful for the wisdom, diligence, and faithfulness each member of the task force has brought to this work. While we know that there are no perfect answers to how we meet the changing challenges of Covid, we will continue to do our best in keeping each other and our community safe while ministering to one another’s needs.

Again, thank you for your patience and understanding in this continuingly difficult and rapidly changing pandemic. May God guide us through this time to a new day.


Pastor Paul

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