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May 1, 2018

Jackie's Servcie in Jamaica

Serving Faithfully

Reflection by Jackie Getchius

As my faith journey has unfolded through the years, the points where I have felt most connected to God and felt driven by his purpose, have been times of serving others. Hebrews 13:16 states, “And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.” When I have participated in service projects to aid those in need, I have seen with my very eyes God’s work in motion. For this service benefits in a reciprocal fashion, showing others that people care for them and want to help them thrive, but also teaching ourselves that we are here for a bigger purpose than to just fulfill our own needs.

Jamaican Orphanage
One of the most memorable service opportunities I’ve participated in was during college where I was blessed to participate in Mission Jamaica three years in a row, serving in an orphanage and children’s school in a rural, impoverished area of their country. The children in this orphanage had been abandoned, many of which on the side of the road, due to having disabilities, most of whom were nonverbal.

Jackie's Quote

In this orphanage, I met children who had God’s light shining through their eyes and was truly touched to spend time with them. One connection that was particularly meaningful to me was with a teenage girl named Colleen who was nonverbal but bonded very quickly with me.

She had the most expressive eyes and smile and was clearly seeking connection with others. She was a gentle soul and though we couldn’t converse together, we bonded through affection and just simply walking arm in arm around together. As much as I was there to serve others, Colleen and the other children taught me an immense amount, not least of which was that though we can get distracted by all of the to dos and tasks of life, ultimately, building connection with others is what is so very important and most meaningful.

Jackie and family

Jackie is an Immanuel member, wife to Tom, and mother to Gavin age 7. She serves on Church Council for Children’s Ministry and on the Long-Range Planning Committee.

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