History, Vision & Values

Our Vision

God is calling us to reach deeper into our congregation and further out into our community to better know and care for one another.

Our Mission

CELEBRATE that God is with us!
GROW as Christ works in us!
SERVE as the Spirit loves through us!

Our Values

Loving God and one another
• Relational faith
• Welcoming hospitality
• Inclusive community

Intentional faith development and expression
• Experiencing God in community
• Engaging in vibrant, authentic worship
• Bringing faith to life

Active service in the community
• God-inspired action
• Collaborative, responsive engagement
• Fearless love

Practicing transformative generosity
• Intentional gratitude
• Grateful sharing
• Joyful and generous giving

Priorities for Ministry

The listening and visioning work of 2015 helped us identify congregational priorities and passions, as well as internal and external opportunities:

Giving thanks for our history

In 1961 the people of Old Immanuel Lutheran Church in Minneapolis, when closing the doors for the final time after 75 years of ministry, gave their final assets to plant a daughter congregation bearing its name way out on the edge of the cities in a small farming town called Eden Prairie.

In 1998 we visioned a growing ministry. This vision successfully included:

In early 2015 we employed four listening strategies to gather information about the health and vitality of our congregation and its leadership, the passions and concerns of members, the needs and opportunities in our community, and the style and personality of Immanuel. These tools include:

The reported finding make two things abundantly clear; Immanuel has much to celebrate, and is poised to do transformational ministry as we move forward.

Reasons for celebration


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