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Thanksgiving Worship

November 27, 2019

Thanksgiving Eve Worship

Wednesday, Nov. 27, 7 p.m.

Thanksgiving Worship is always a wonderful beginning to the holiday season at Immanuel. We gather to give God thanks for the daily gifts of home and family, food and shelter, work and income, neighbors and community, and everything else we need from day to day. Abraham Lincoln established this annual holiday of Thanksgiving to bring us together as a people in a spirit of gratitude. His proclamation of thanksgiving began with these words:

We will sings songs of thanksgiving and hear messages from 3 Immanuel members about their reasons for gratitude in life.

Join the festival choir to enrich our worship service (details below).

Bring a food donation for PROP (People Reaching Out to People, our local food shelf).  Bring your donation into worship and during the service the congregation will be invited forward, bringing it to the altar area.

Immediately following the service enjoy a piece of pie!

November Thank Offering for PROP

Due Wednesday, November 21 (or drop it off anytime during the week of Thanksgiving)

Each day add one food item from the November Thank Offering for PROP list or one dollar to your blue bag.  Food and money will be gathered during Thanksgiving Eve Worship at 7pm, Wednesday, November 21 (or drop it off anytime during the week of Thanksgiving).  Donations will support PROP Food Shelf and our neighbors.

Festival Choir for Immanuel’s Thanksgiving Eve Service

Please join us for a quick rehearsal at 6:30 before the service!

Young people and adults who love to sing are invited to join us as we fill the choir loft for our Thanksgiving Eve Worship at 7pm!

Please contact Clark Weyrauch - - if you need additional information.

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