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Haven House Update

Immanuel has a vision to help provide safe places for youth experiencing homelessness in the south-west metro.  An Immanuel member donated funds to help purchase a house for this project and Immanuel’s Kim Rathjen (Coordinator of Outreach) is working with a community-wide steering committee to make this collaborative vision become a reality.

Haven House Update - June 15, 2017

Background: Immanuel’s Pledge to the Youth Housing Project

You might recall that Immanuel included a pledge of $200,000 to a youth housing project as part of our Opening Doors Capital Campaign. We are pleased to share with you that we have now accumulated sufficient funds to make the first $100,000 cash donation to the Haven House project. As promised, this portion of the campaign is to be paid only as funds have accumulated, and is not associated with the loan necessary to finance our building projects. The Church Executive Committee is working with the Haven House Board of Directors (HHB) as to the best timing for this contribution

New Developments

We hope that this update provides clarity regarding the housing project’s status. We are grateful for the accomplishments that Kim and the HHB members have made to date, and look forward to the positive impact of this project for our community.

Pastor Paul Nelson
Beth Hansen, Congregation President

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