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Hops & Hope

December 18, 2023


The Just Kitchen: Invitations to Sustainability, Cooking, Connection, and Celebration by Derrick Westen and Anna Woofenden

MONDAY, December 18, 6:00 p.m. at Immanuel!

For food and faith writers and podcasters Derrick Weston and Anna Woofenden, The Just Kitchen is about a passion for food, sharing meals, showing hospitality, and understanding cultures, faith traditions, food histories, and local foodways. Their authentic podcast conversations spill over the pages of this book and explore how the kitchen can be a place where the things we care about most in the world are reflected in the foods we prepare and the way we prepare them. In a world where disconnection from the earth, our food, our faith, and each other is becoming the norm, Weston and Woofenden bring together voices of hope who are working for a world of organic reconnections. They invite us to dig deeply into the complexity of ecology and food systems, as well as how faith communities are connected to them. This is an invitation to reprioritize the kitchen as a space for healing, community, activism, and celebration. Be inspired to see the sacred in the daily mundane, forge connection with the people and earth around you, and join the call of a just kitchen.

Check out their podcast: Food and Faith Podcast

Contact Deacon Savannah with questions!

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Christmas Worship

December 24, 2023 - December 25, 2023

Christmas Eve, December 24th

Each worship service will include candle lighting and the singing of “Silent Night, Holy Night”.

10:30 a.m. - Children’s & Family Worship

*3:00 p.m. - Candlelight Worship

 5:00 p.m. - Candlelight Worship 

10:00pm - Candlelight Worship with Family Blessing & Communion

*livestream available and available for replay on demand.

Christmas Day, December 25th

10:30 a.m. - Worship with Lessons, Carols, & Communion

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Parents Night Out Fundraiser

December 09, 2023

December 9th, 5pm-8pm

Register soon - deadline is December 7th!

Drop your kids off at Immanuel while you take the night off!  Youth from Immanuel will be helping take care of children of all ages as we eat dinner, make crafts, play games, and more! The youth will be earning money for their summer trips, including the National Youth Gathering, by participating in this event.

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Sunday Worship

December 03, 2023

Sunday, December 3

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