Christo Obrero

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Christo Obrero

Cristo Obrero, formerly Southwest Metro Latino Ministry Exploration, is a mission development of the Minneapolis Area Synod in the Southwest Conference. Cristo Obrero is accompanying Latino families in Chaska and Shakopee. Pastor Jorge Espinoza is the mission developer. Cristo Obrero means “Christ the Worker” in English.

Cristo Obrero began accompanying the community in Riverview Terrace Mobile Home Park in Chaska in Summer 2019. The highlights included a soccer program with over 50 children and youth participating on Tuesday afternoons, a basketball program with youth on Mondays, and a week long day camp in collaboration with the school district. These activities are helping Pastor Jorge build relationships in the community as he begins to develop a community of faith.

Immanuel is supporting Christo Obrero financially as a mission development congregation and we are responding to requests for assistance as we are able.

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