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Connecting to Happiness

September 27, 2018

9:30 a.m.
Tom Glaser
SALT - Seniors Actively Living Today

What is a human’s key to happiness?  Psychologist Tom Glaser will share some views on this topic at our next SALT (Seniors Actively Living Today) gathering.  Whether writing, teaching, or counseling, Tom has a passion for helping people live their best lives.  These happier people have learned to connect with others; with themselves; and with their passions, particularly in the service to others.  One of Tom’s books is entitled Full Heart Living: Conversation with the Happiest People I Know.  With all the changes and losses we face in this phase of our life, let’s learn from Tom and share with each other to create new ways to increase our happiness.

Tom’s goal is to help people live their best lives possible.  He lives in Minneapolis with his husband and son and loves to garden.

As usual, we will begin with coffee and tea, have Tom’s presentation, and then serve a light lunch. 

Cost per person will be $8.  Please join us.  C’mon, get happy—or at least happier!

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