Baptism Font

Baptismal Font Redesign

Our 20+ year old baptismal font has been leaking!  We have sealed and resealed the granite seams many times, but water would still find its way out.

Our font, loacated at the main doors of the sanctuary, was not only the loaction of baptisms, but has been a constant reminder of God's everflowing grace, welcoming and claiming us, gathering us in community.  Our properties committee determined that it was time to find a longterm practical solution that used the existing structure with a new design.

A team of Immanuel members was developed to investigate how best to move forward.  The team included: Mark Arvidson (team leader and Properties Committee chairperson), Winnie Lindstrom (Worship, Music & Arts Committee), Tom Totall (who has been patching and repatching leaks over the last few years), Pastor Angela and Tammy Vergeront (Church Administrator).

This team, after extensive research, discussion and Church Council approval, has developed the following plan:




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